Elfenau Park

Elfenau Park

The expansive Elfenau Park is one of the jewels of the City of Bern. The diverse leisure pursuits it offers makes it one of the most popular local recreational areas for Bernese residents. Strolls through the historic park, swimming in the River Aare, observing kingfishers on the river banks, attending a concert in the orangery or simply enjoying an afternoon in the park cafe – the Elfenau Park offers its visitors a host of attractions. A blend of the old and new bestows a pronounced elegance to the park:  the historic buildings of the former estate and the modern greenhouses of the City of Bern nursery, the English landscape garden, the ProSpecieRara foundation garden and an attractive new playground. From a historical gardens perspective, the Elfenau Park ranks as one of the most important English landscape gardens in Switzerland dating from the early 19th century. It is therefore also listed on the Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property as an asset of national significance.

Visitor information

Opening hours
The park is open all day

Free admission


  • From railway station
    Bus 19
    to Luternauweg

  • Car parking available

  • Wheelchair access