The new Music Museum in Bern

What does a lur, a serpent or a contrabass saxophone sound like? Which instruments were playing together in orchestras and bands of earlier periods. And will I manage to get a tone out of an alphorn, the taragot or an ancient Roman cornu?
Questions such as these are explored in the exhibition «C’est le vent qui fait la musique». Wind instruments and drums spanning 300 years of history can be marveled at as well as heard through the free video guide. And additionally, there are many instruments available to try playing on your own!

The Playing Collection, based on Karl Burri’s legendary and internationally renowned collection of instruments, was rescued through a private foundation and is now on view in the middle of Bern since 2017.

Visitor information

Opening hours
Wed – Sun 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Mon /Tue closed


Adults CHF/€ 10.-
Youths, students CHF/€ 5.-
Free for children to 16 years
Familys CHF/€ 20.-

Swiss Museum Pass valid


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