Exhibitions Overview

22.09.2017 - 21.01.2018 The Show Must Go On Kunstmuseum Bern
From the Museum's Collection of Contemporary Art

This exhibition is continuing on our themed presentations of the contemporary art collection at the Kunstmuseum Bern. Not without a touch of irony, the title alludes to the famous pop song by the British group Queen and underscores how very important performativity is in contemporary art. Taking this aspect as its lens, the exhibition has put together photographs, videos, objects, paintings, and installations that address theater, film, performance, role play, staging and production. The exhibition is not only presenting documentation from performances but also the props and objects featured in them. It is likewise showing installations with texts and sound as well as strongly spatial, monumental paintings. These works engage with the multifaceted ways in which performativity has manifested itself in art objects and incite the public to perform too.